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Rosenbauer Concept Fire Truck - Innovation

The Concept Fire Truck (CFT) is a foretaste of the firefighting vehicle of the friendly propulsion technologies into the fire department's operational service.

The fire truck of tomorrow? Portland tests eco-friendly fire engine

The electric drive is enough for 30 minutes of electrical operation and can drive the extinguishing water pump, Portland Fire & Rescue says. The 

View new Electric Rosenbauer Concept Fire Truck on Dec. 12

Typically, Fire Engines only travel short distances before returning to their home base, or Fire Station, so electric motors make perfect sense. Most 

Why Lime-Yellow Fire Trucks Are Safer Than Red

Picture a fire truck and you are likely to see red fire engine red. But when it comes to safety, human factors and ergonomics research paints a different picture.

World's first fully electric fire truck makes stop in Rochester

Although these trucks are still a few years away from being ready for Minnesota, Kerska says something like this truck is definitely in Rochester's 

Revolutionary all-electric fire truck rolls quietly into Phoenix

A fire truck for the future. That's the idea behind Rosenbauer America's all-electric concept fire truck, which stopped in Phoenix this week.

Volvo Penta to develop electric driveline for Rosenbauer fire

Volvo Penta to develop electric driveline for Rosenbauer fire truck Stage IV/Tier 4 Final and Euro VI emissions-compliant diesel engines.

World's first all-electric fire engine unveiled by - CBS News

The fire engine, which is black and yellow and looks more like a bus than a typical red fire truck, is made by Austrian company Rosenbauer.

Calif. fire district showcases first all-electric fire engine

The $1.2 million Concept Fire Truck will be equipped with a redundant battery system and small booster motor for longer-duration responses.

Electric Fire Engine,Fire Truck Toy Rescue Vehicle with

Electric Fire Engine,Fire Truck Toy Rescue Vehicle with Extending Ladde, Manua Water Pump, Flasing Light and Sound: Toys & Games.

Los Angeles City Fire Department bought the FIRST electric

The Los Angeles Fire Department has purchased the first electric fire truck in North America, which will hit the streets of Hollywood sometime 

This $1.2M Electric Fire Truck Will Soon Be Servicing

The Los Angeles Fire Department has just locked in order for a new fire engine. Think that isn't newsworthy? Maybe not at first glance, but the 

This $6 million electric fire engine is coming to the US - Electrek

Rosenbauer, an Austrian-based fire engine manufacturer, has built what it calls the world's first fully electric drive fire truck: The future trends 

First electric fire truck in US finds a buyer: Los Angeles

LA will be the home of the first range-extended electric fire truck, made by Austria's Rosenbauer.

BOSS Resort Electric Fire Truck | All Electric Vehicles Australia

With the BOSS Resort Electric Fire Truck in your fleet, you have the ability to extinguish fires in hard-to-reach areas or near crowds of people quickly and