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PDF Safety Guidelines for Operating High Pressure Jetter Equipment

Safety goggles should always be worn to protect the eyes from a high pressure jet of water. Water pressure above 2,000 PSI requires a full face shield, and at 4,000 PSI the water jet can literally tear an eyeball from its socket. Heavy duty, waterproof gloves (insulated, if running hot water) are needed to protect the hands. Rubber

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The high-pressure hose is then wound on a powered reel that enables the operator to retract the hose easily. The pipe is then cleaned with a high-pressure water jet by directing water pressure and flow through a nozzle. Controlled water pressure and flow propels a water jet through the sewer pipe allowing it to remove and wash away the obstruction.

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We are taking Expression of Interests from Vac Truck Operators/Driver's, High Pressure Water Jet Operators, Truck Driver's, Plant Operators and General Labourers for work across SA country and regional locations. Please note: these roles are only for local applicants or people that have their own accommodation.

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Be the FIRST to Know When A "New" Used Jetter Arrives? Customer's Used Jetters are sometimes available but even we can't always predict when. We can help though if you are on the lookout for a "new" used machine.

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NozzTeq® sewer cleaning nozzles and sewer cutters are the best engineered sewer equipment available; we have been first-to-market with truly innovative equipment that effectively channels the jetting power of today's trucks, and our unique, patented jetter nozzles and cutters solve real problems for private and municipal sewer maintenance

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Spartan Tool's sewer jetter is a powerful, drain cleaning machine that uses high-pressure water jets to clear away blockages in residential and commercial lines. Whatever your needs, we're sure to have a hydro jetter that can help.

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Mobile pressure washing package. Manufacturer: Hydro Tek Trailer mounted pressure washing package Hydro Tek pressure washer with hot water 200 gallon tank 3-hose reels Ladder or equipment rack 27 HP Kohler command 2 cyl gas engine Spare tire 12" long heavy-duty trailer

Vac-Tron HTV / JTV PTO Series Hydrovac Vacuum Truck

JTV (Jetter Truck Vac) PTO Series The JTV 873 PTO is a series of PTO truck driven systems that combine high CFM vacuum excavation with high pressure jetter capabilities putting this truck in a league of its own. The Vac-Tron JTV PTO Series is one of the most versatile sewer jetter machines on the market today.

High Pressure Ceramic Spray Nozzles

The high pressure line of UAS AlbuzTec ceramic nozzles are available in 304 stainless steel material and achieve pressures up to 5000 psi. Ceramic inserts provide up to 10 times the life of stainless steel, maximizing your return on investment and decreasing downtime for nozzle replacement

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For safer use of a pressure washer, follow these tips: Read your operator's manual and follow the manufacturer's instructions for safe use, maintenance and storage. Wear eye and hearing protection when you use a pressure washer. Avoid contact with the high pressure stream of water. Keep your hands, feet and body out of the way.

A Water Jet Machine Is A Valuable Drain Cleaning Tool

A water jet machine is also commonly referred to as hydro jet, or a sewer jetter. No matter what it is referred to as, it is a powerful drain cleaning piece of equipment. A water jet machine harnesses water, and generates it into a high-pressure flow of water.

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With the help of a switchover valve, the water supply of the high-pressure pump can be activated and deactivated at any speed. The use of centrifugal impellers makes the high-pressure pump resistant against contaminated water. A separate filter system is not required. The Rosenbauer high-pressure pump also has a flat characteristic.

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High pressure water jets are great investments for contractors, municipalities, or anyone in the drain cleaning industry. Water jets are most commonly used for sewer drains and storm lines, but they are also used in process pipes, chimneys, and stacks that accumulate debris over time.

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Water blasting is the very descriptive term for removing industrial grime, fouling, deposits and oxidation using water under very high pressure, which is directed at a surface through a specialized blast nozzle. Don't confuse this with power washing. This is an ultra high pressure, continuous water burst.

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Dependable High Pressure Water Pumps. High pressure water pumps have reliable engines that push water long distances or to great height. With powerful GPH flow rate, these high pressure water pumps work great for sprinkler systems, local firefighting, or washing down vehicles.