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Paratech Fire & Rescue Equipment - Highway Vehicle

What has double the capacity of a standard VSK and is designed for multiple vehicles? Paratech's Highway Vehicle Stabilization Kit! The HVSK can hold up to 80,000 lbs/36,287.4 kg with a 4:1 safety factor. Check out the HVSK and other Paratech products at or call for more information 1-800-435-9358.

Interstate Highway Simulator | Guardian Centers, LLC

Interstate Highway Simulator. 4 Lane Highway. Guardian Centers provides a 1.1 mile four lane highway built to Department of Transportation specifications. Our highway has direct access to the main road and connects to the metroplex. Combat Rescue Officer, 308th Rescue Squadron. I've seen a lot of sites around the world - this is the

Off-Highway Vehicle Unit | Madera County

The unit enforces laws pertaining to off-highway vehicle operations, illegal shooting, stolen vehicles/OHVs, area searches and patrol checks at parks and other recreational areas. Search and Rescue. The Madera County Sheriff's OHV UNIT is outfitted with specialized vehicles and equipment to respond to medical emergencies remote and rugged

Excluded and Exempt Vehicles - Highway Use Tax

Excluded vehicles. If you intend to use an excluded vehicle for a purpose other than that for which it was designed, you must first obtain a certificate of registration. You must also file a tax return to report and pay tax on the mileage traveled during the non-excluded use. The following vehicles are excluded from the highway use tax.

Dana Commercial-Vehicle Systems

As a world leader in drivetrain technology and driveline components, Dana's innovative commercial-vehicle systems and services support customers around the globe.

C11, C13 and C15 On-highway Engines Caterpillar

Driver Reward C11, C13 and C15 On-highway Engines Vehicle Activity Report Parameters C11, C13 and C15 On-highway Engines PTO Engine RPM Set Speed (Input A and Input B) Circuit - Test C11, C13 and C15 On-highway Engines Test ECM Mode C11, C13 and C15 On-highway Engines Diagnostic Codes C11, C13 and C15 On-highway Engines Vehicle Speed Circuit

Traffic Signal Timing Manual: Chapter 5 - Office of Operations

The parameters discussed in this section include: delay, extend, call, and queue. The latter two parameters are actually elements of the detector options in NTCIP Document 1202 (30). 5.6.1 Delay. A delay parameter can be used to postpone a vehicle actuation for a detector input on a phase.

PDF Appendix B: VISSIM Development and Calibration Report

Model parameters related to the physical attributes of the VISSIM model development are listed in Section 5.1 and Section 5.2 below. These parameters are assigned for each vehicle type. As a rule of thumb, once the vehicle population has been defined, the simulation should be tested with the default Driver Behavior Parameters.

Scene safety: Emergency vehicle placement tips

How to buy armored rescue vehicles (eBook) Highway Patrol sometimes wants to keep the road open regardless of the safety issues it may compromise. Other times, Fire/EMS may want to stay on the

Lowndes County Fire Rescue

Lowndes County Fire Rescue 2981 US Highway 84 East Valdosta, Georgia 31606 229.671.2730 Fax 229.253.0491 EFFECTIVE: January 1, 2012 RECINDS: All previous policies, station by-laws, and SOP's SCOPE: All Lowndes County Fire Rescue Personnel. PURPOSE: To establish an easily accessible reference for communicating Lowndes County

Fire Line Equipment - Used Fire Trucks | Buy, Sell, Broker

Fire Line Equipment offers quality used fire trucks and apparatus for sale that are owned by either a fire department or Fire Line Equipment. We advertise and broker used fire trucks, finding qualified buyers for the sellers of the used equipment.

Firefighter Training - Jack Sullivan - Roadway Blocking

The highway is still one of the most dangerous work areas for firefighters and emergency medical personnel to work. Vehicle fires, motor vehicle crashes, medical assist calls, hazardous materials

Vehicle fire causes traffic backup on Hwy. 50 in Sacramento

A vehicle fire caused traffic to move slowly Wednesday during the evening commute, the Sacramento Fire Department said.The vehicle caught fire on westbound Highway 50, just east of Interstate 5

DOC Basic Vehicle Rescue Operations Level

The Basic Vehicle Rescue Operations Level Curriculum places emphasis upon the development of knowledge and skills to be used by rescue personnel to achieve a safe, efficient, and effective rescue operation. The Basic Vehicle Rescue Curriculum mixes a combination of classroom lectures, discussions, and demonstrations with field situational

PDF Idaho Traffic Incident Management

return the highway to normal conditions as quickly and efficiently as possible. Partners often include transportation department maintenance and emergency crews, law enforcement, fire departments, emergency medical service providers (EMS), and tow truck/rescue vehicle operators.