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Hazmat - Responding to fuel spills

We must first understand the dangers that can be associated with fuel spills. Like any other hazmat incident we must treat it as the worst suspected product until we can prove otherwise. If responding to a report of a fuel leak at a gas station it is likely to suspect the product will be gasoline, diesel, kerosene, or a gasoline/ethanol blend.

PDF Blood Glucose Monitoring Policy and Procedure

Blood Glucose Monitoring Policy and Procedure Charlottesville-Albemarle Rescue Squad, Inc. Purpose: The purpose of this guideline is to establish a procedure on using a blood glucose monitor

Rescue 911 - Animal docu - YouTube

Season 2 Episode 217 Documentary of a veterinary clinic in Boston, Massachusetts on July 23, 1990

Rescue 911 (TV Series 1989-1996) - IMDb

I started watching Rescue 911, when I was younger. Now that I am a mom, my kids (well my 11 yr old daughter, my 3 yr old son doesn't care too much) & I think it teaches what can happen if you do this, or how to prevent something from happening, to begin with.

Diesel Additives

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Reedy Creek Professional Firefighters

At 9:10 on Monday February 17th, Local members responded to a call for a car into a building on W. Dry Creek Ct. in Littleton. When members arrived on scene, they found a car had crashed through the front doors of The Boardroom Sports Bar and Steakhouse. The car was still running inside the business, but the driver was nowhere to be found.

Power Generation | Diesel Technology Forum

This eliminates natural gas as a source of power for generators in these settings because during a disaster, such as an earthquake, gas lines are immediately turned off to avoid risk of fire and explosion during a rupture. Emergency diesel generators are available in a range of sizes all based on electricity demands.

ATSDR - Medical Management Guidelines (MMGs): Gasoline

Gasoline is a mixture of petroleum hydrocarbons containing straight, branched, and cycloalkanes, which contain 5 to 18 carbons, olefins (alkenes), and aromatic hydrocarbons including benzene, toluene, and xylenes. Gasoline vapors contain about 90% alkanes and 2% aromatics (0.9% benzene). Various additives are blended into gasolines and may influence the properties and toxicity of specific

Gasoline, Gas Cards, and Gas Savings | Exxon and Mobil

Based on comparison of Synergy Supreme+ premium gas to our regular gas in port fuel injected engines. Actual benefits are based on continuous use and may vary depending on vehicle type, driving style, and gasoline previously used. Concentration and availability of our proprietary additive package may vary based upon factors beyond our

Mobile Command Vehicles - Mobile Command Centers - LDV

State-of-the-Art Mobile Command Vehicles. Beyond meeting the crisis at hand, at LDV, we understand the importance of storage, comfort, meeting space, technology and aesthetics for your mobile command center vehicle.

Hernando firefighters help family on way to hospital after

Hernando County Fire Rescue said a family of four was on their way to the hospital when their car ran out of gas. The family called 911 and firefighters with Station 11 arrived at the scene.

What is the life span of a diesel generator - Answers

Just like diesel cars versus gas cars, diesel will last longer. Diesel generating sets are used in places without connection to the power grid or as emergency power-supply if the grid fails. A

Engines for Fire and Emergency Applications | Cummins Inc.

Designed for the Fire Service. Cummins has been powering the fire service since 1937. With the best power to weight ratio and strong auxiliary braking, departments get the best vehicle control. Specific calibrations integrated with the fire pressure governor interface provide the best engine RPM or discharge pressure control for better pump control. We work to provide full integration with the

Fire Safety - Safety Training Powerpoint Presentations

Fire Safety & Extinguishers This presentation will provide you with information regarding extinguisher responsibilities, inspections, recharging, and use. Also general fire safety and procedures. 16 slides: Fire Safety & Fire Extinguisher Use Discusses types of fires and fire extinguishers and how to properly use them. 24 slides: Fire Safety at

Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) - Health and Safety Authority

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is a colourless odourless liquid which readily evaporates into a gas. Normally an odourant has been added to it to help detect leaks. LPG (either Butane or Propane), is generally stored and distributed as a liquid and it is widely used for process and space heating, cooking and automotive propulsion. .